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The GEarheads team started in 2017 when all the members were in elementary school. In our first season of FLL many people were in 5th grade, and everyone was new to first. Our season that year was pretty short but we learned a lot throughout, and the whole team seemed to really enjoy it. We continued FLL when many of us started sixth grade, and we had a lot of resources and practice from last year. We were able to make it to worlds, and it was such an amazing experience for everyone. We moved into the 2019-2020 season, but with FTC instead. Since this was quite new to us as well we spent a lot of time figuring this out. Although we ran into a lot of problems the first year, we were able to improve them and grow into the next year. This was also when the pandemic happened, and it did make things more complicated and stressful. However, we put down more framework and starting points for next year. We started the 2020-2021 season with a lot of power, and we had one year of experience so far which allowed us to push ourselves this year a lot more. We had a stronger notebook, robot, outreach, and funding. Finally, this year we have decided to make team roles a lot more important in order for everyone to really step up to a challenge with things they enjoy. This has worked very well this year and allowed us to check ourselves and make sure the quality of what we do is the best it can be. Throughout the years our team members have changed, coaches have also changed, and our struggles have changed. However, they have allowed us to grow and improve a lot as a team. We are thankful for the opportunities and resources we have been given, and all the coaches, specialists, and everyone who has worked with us.

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A big thank you to our sponsors and that help GEarheads continue building innovative robots. The extra support allows us to experiment with more complicated designs and materials that gives us an edge in competitions.

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